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Dunkelkammer gesucht - Portriga - 26-09-2013

Hi there.

Im pretty new here in Berlin. Sorry to say my German is not that good yet. So I write this in English.

I'd like to ask about the possibilities to rent a dark room space or if there is some persons interested in sharing. I have pretty much all equipment I need already but don't necessarily need to bring them.

For instance it would be nice to enlarge bigger than 6x6 which is my limit now.

I would like to rent for at least until the next summer and for approximately 2-3 days a week.

I know about the darkrooms you can rent per day but I'm not interested in that.

I'm an easy going tenant and will keep order of mine and your things.

You can answer in German. Feel free to pm me directly. That makes it easier to give you my phone number.

My stuff:

Beat regards

Peder Claesson

Dunkelkammer gesucht - Quinquaginta - 26-09-2013

Hi Peder,


maybe this could be an option for you: