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Situation Of The Fb Roll Papers
I found an long discussion about the FB-roll papers from the German-language forum. I can't read the german laguage, so I have only a few guesses about the contents of that discussion.

Will someone please make an short translation about the main topics of this discussion and inform us in english about the availability of the ADOX / EFKE / Forte FB roll papers?

I have enguired about the availability of ADOX Fine Print Polygrade Warmatone FB, semi-matt surface (PW-15), 1,06 x 10m roll paper from FOTOImpex. They have ansvered to me that at the moment it is out of stock and that Mirko is negotiating with the manufacturer about the new stock.

What's the situation now? When the new stock will be available?

Best Regards,


matt paper in rolls unfortunately sells like old bread.

We have stopped to stock matt rolls about 2 years ago due to the fact that no one bought it.

It is in theory possible to prduce it but we will never again put this in our warehouse.

So if you want to order this we can order it for you and the delivery time will be around December.

Thanks for posting this because if my staff answers you that I am negotiating this with the manufacturer it is nonsense and I need to tell them this ;-)

As for the rest of the thread here?s my sum up:

1) Some people have inquired for rolls of 30,5 cm width and 85 m lenght to cut their own formats (e.g. for 6x6 or 6x7 negs).

2) They wanted a huge discount because other manufacturers make price differences between cut sizes and rolls.

3) I checked the possibility to produce this and we can offer ADOX Fine Print Vario Classic.

4) The price difference is not as much as the customers wanted it to be because our prices are already low and based on prodcuton costs for energy, papse material, silver etc. and not marketing prices like with Ilford and Kodak.

5) The customers understood this and accepted it and ordered the Rolls (ADOX Fine Print Vario Classic) and now we are waiting for the next coating because due to the long length the exisiting stocks of paper are not enough to cut this format.



BTW we have FN15 50x60 cm in stock in case you can make use of this format.
Hi Mirko, hi "RTK" (don't you have a real name?),

we didn't ask for a "huge discount", Mirko simply had no price. Together, we made one for this order in a business-like way (was like dealing about prices on my job in automotive industry:-).

Okay, our price is quite good. But Mirko should have been able to make some money from it and the factory surely didn't take any risk to starve from this.

Unfortunately, the factory told us about a higher price afterwards and Mirko offered to share this extra costs between Fotoimpex and us. That kindness from Mirko was gratefully appreciated!

Our part was to combine orders so Mirko saves shipping costs. Some of us live in 250km diameter and meet some times per year.

But, for following orders from other customers, Mirko surely won't be able to keep that price. So, FB Vario Classic will gain another price in future and still will need an order of at least ten rolls (10 rolls in 30,5cm x 85m, quite a lot: 245,5 square meters).

Forte actually didn't want to provide us with rolls of PW14 at a reasonable price. They wanted more than their price for cut size ranges. That's why we agreed in getting Vario Classic FB.

Okay, next time, we'll post our inquiry in "the english half", too.

Best regards,

Hi Mirko!

Thank you for the straightforward answer.

"matt paper in rolls unfortunately sells like old bread"?

This is a very amazing information for me. Have you people never seen the surface of this paper (PW-15)? There exist many different kind of matt surface papers. This paper is not dead matt. It has an semi-matt surface with luminous and very deep feeling. But this is of cource matter of taste. In my opinion also the glossy surface paper (PW-14) is briliant, but suitable for different kind of subjects than semi-matt paper.

If you dont't stock this paper any more why then it is still along in your catalogue

(Polywarm Baryt 1,02x10 M Rolle CL510 110,20
Dear RTK,

ofcourse we have seen the matt of our paper !

That is a funny question....

We are all photographers in Fotoimpex (except for Mss. Mikloska) and yes we work on our own materials. As for myself exclusively. However I don?t especially like matt I use glossy most of the times.

But mathematics can?t be overcome.

No orders for matt rolls in 3 years and two rolls beeing sold way below buying price due to aging means we cannot support this anymore as a stocked item.

The catalogue does not specifically offer matt rolls out of stock.

Actually we have many disclaimers on numerous positions telling you people that not always every size, grade and surface is in stock.

Glossy rolls are in stock, like I said. Matt can be ordered on special request and this will be done as soon as you confirm that you can wait 4 months.

Look, with the sales level as it is the other alternative would be that we order one roll every year just for the unlikely event that someone orders it and than after a year?s time throw it away which will increase the price by the factor of 3 or we keep it quietly sitting there for years and if someone like you rings up we sell you old paper and clap hands......(which we won?t do).

So I think the way we do this by placing an order on demand is the best way for all parties involved.

We have PW15 in formats up to 50x60 back in stock. We just received a shippment.



PS what does RTK stand for ?
Dear Mirko,

Yes I understand wholly yours explanation about problems in stocking PW-15 rolls.

In this situation it is really wise to order rolls only when needed.

And yes, I belive that you in FOTOImpex know how the surface of this paper looks like, but if it "sells like old bread" then I think that all your customers haven't seen the luminosity of this papers surface. But as already stated this is a matter of taste.

But OK, I like now to order three rolls of "Polywarm Baryt 1,02x10 M Rolle CL510 110,20
Dear RTK,

we are just unpacking the new shippment and noticed that Forte has shipped intead of PW14 two rolls of PW15. I am sure I did not order this......<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

So this is a good situation for all three of us that you are looking for just this.

We don?t have to send it back and you can get your rolls immediately.

Please send your order to and we will proceed as soon as possible.


Excuse me for your inconvenience. I have to say some explicit words to Mirko, maybe he will give some clearance about it.

Mirko: Hei? Dein letztes Posting mit "Forte has shipped intead of PW14 two rolls of PW15" *tats?hlich*, da?es PW *doch* als Rollenware gibt? Was soll das?

Wenn ich nicht solch ein braver Kunde w?e, ich w?rde mir verkackeiert vorkommen.

[Mirko: "Your last posting means PW *is* available in rolls? Up to now you told us different things. Nice.]

An extra rebate about 10% would be appreciated. This makes 150,- EUR per roll. Your answer follows.


best regards,

Dear Franz,

now you are makingn the same mistake like Sabine did when she answered RTK <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

Rolls of 10 meters width (full factory roll width) and 10 meters length have always been available as a regular catalogue item and continue to be available at about the same sqm price like the fully cut and boxed paper.

Just that PW15 and PW17 we do on special request only.

I even told you earlier if you want to buy rolls of this full width and maybe 300 meter length all the extra confectioning work is obsolete so no problem and the price will be even better ;-)

>>This order has nothing to do with the special rolls you requested of only 30,5 cm width !!! <<

And because I was discussing this topic so much with the manufacturers Sabine got confused and thought RTK?s order ment these small rolls and thus told himk that it was not available at all until I have finished discussions.

Then he posted this and I saw he ment the regular large format printing rolls so I cleared it up and spoke to Sabine.



PS RTK I sent you an order confirmation and also included the 4x5" 100 ASA sheetfilm which were not in stock last week but are back now.

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