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Fuji Neopan 400
Does anyone know of a good developer for this film and what do they rate

it as!


I would suggest the two bath developer Emofin from Tetenal. For details look at

[url=""][/url], there you'll find

the document "Komplette Sammlung Beta / Zeit-Kurven".

Unfortunately it's in german and tetenal doesn't have it in english, but the beta versus time graphs are selfexplanatory. If you develop the Neopan 400 with Emofin to a contrast of 0.5, Tetenal rates the Neopan as 800 ASA (the table in the Document says rel. Empfindlichkeit 30 which is DIN 30. Tetenal defines sensititivity as 0.1D above background.

Of note each graphs comes with two tables, the upper table is for rotary processing, the lower table is for drum processing with 10s aggitation every minute.



according to my own experience and several tests in different magazines ATM49 ist the best compromise in grain, speed and resolution.

EMOFIN is very good for achieving the speed, pushing and contrast control yet MUCH grainier than ATM49.

Yes! i'm looking for something that won't give too much grain!

Is this ATM A powder or liquid solution and how do I use it!

I take it you have it in stock!

I used Rodinol before but I didn't like the results!

I like NP 400 at EI 250 in Rodinal 1+50, 20?C, 9 Min. - grain is visible, but not excessive...

A49/ATM49 is a good alternative that will even give full filmspeed, and less grain, but not as good sharpness as Rodinal - I would use A49 with NP400 for portraits, and Rodinal for pretty much everything else...

[quote name='Gast_Niallnicht eingeloggt_' post='2891' date='06-03-05, 08:25 ']Does anyone know of a good developer for this film and what do they rate

it as!


[color="#3333FF"]I use both Rodinal and Rodinal Special (aka Studional) for Neopan 400. Had to use HC-110 for a while when both disappeared, but now that they are back, some things can return to normal.[/color]

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