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TMAX 400 in all sheetfilm sizes !
I would like to draw our customers attention to a project initiated by our partner in the US JandC.

Kodak will cut a whole masterroll of Sheetfilm TMAX 400 for us to sizes desired by our customers.

E.g. 2 1/4 x 3 1/4, 8x20, 12x20, 11x14 etc.

If you are interested please read below.

You can post questions directly to JandC ( or contact FOTOIMPEX.




KODAK T-Max 400 ULF Sheet Film Purchase

Posted 1/05/2006

Please follow the link ([url=""]PDF with orderform and size list[/url]) to download the order form for this offer. This order form is to Pre-Order your Kodak T-Max 400 Sheet film in the sizes listed below. Please email us if the size you are interested is not listed. The Pre-Order period and discount price listed is available between January 5th 2006 and January 30th 2006.

All pre-orders need to be fully prepaid by check, money order or credit card to be accepted. We will authorize your credit card upon receipt of the order. Once we meet the minimum order volume to place the order with Kodak we will charge your card for your order.

Because of the special nature of this purchase there can be no refunds or returns.

This order form, along with your payment, should be mailed (or in case of credit card payment, mailed or faxed) to:

JandC Photo

11936 W. 119th Street #263

Overland Park, KS 66213

fax: (702) 920-8826

Our call center will not accept orders for this purchase. All orders have to be placed on this form and signed.

You may also make your payment using PayPal ( However, this form with your order and signature must be sent to us for your order to be accepted. Orders made using PayPal will be charged to your account upon placing the order.

The delivery date has not been determined and cannot be determined until Kodak has all the cutting information for the sizes being ordered. We will update all customers in February as to the delivery date. However, at this time we expect delivery sometime in late March.

The shipping rates included on the order form are for the USA only. International shipping will be charged prior to shipment at the actual rate. We can provide an estimate if you send us an email with your requirements.

Thank you.

Test results regarding the keeping qualities of Kodak T-Max 400 by Clay Harmons

As posted on the APUG forum:

Okay, a few people have asked me to to this test, since I have some experience with Tmax 400 special orders. I purchased 5x7 TMY in July of 2001. Expiration date on box was July 2003. I had in freezer until sometime in 2004. It has been stored at room temperature since then. An unexposed sheet developed in pyrocat HD 1:1:50 for 10 minutes at 68 degrees gave the following base + fog numbers:

Visual 0.11

Blue (Ortho) 0.15

UV 0.35

I chose a staining developer because it represents sort of a worst case for us alt-process workers. As it gets older, it should be no problem to switch to using a non-staining developer for the remainder of its life.

This should give people a feel for how well this stuff will keep. It keeps pretty well apparently! So order up! I'm guessing that it should be good for another few years given the data I just noted.

Other notes about TMY: I have noticed that it is particularly sensitive to x-ray screening at airports. I mark my boxes when they make a trip through the machine, and I NEVER take film through more than twice. I learned this the hard way. I took 2 round trips a few years back and had really high fog levels. This is no surprise given the film's tremendous reciprocity characteristics.

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